Things To Know About

Don’t use a neti pot. They are disgusting. If you do use a neti pot, do yourself a favor and don’t use non-sterile water from any source in the southern United States. Specifically don’t use tap water – or you could die. Most fresh warm water ’round here has these amoebae in there somewhere. Your water heater makes them happy. Boil, distill, or buy sterile the water you pour in your nose.

Good night, can you imagine holding your child down to rinse them with a neti pot against their will, and then this happens? Wow.

The techology-ignorant want to pass a bill to help out their BFFs in the recording industry, but they would rather you don’t notice. Too bad there is the internet now, and news spreads at the speed of bloggers crosslinking each other light. With this series of tubes, we can put out word of bills written when Congress is supposed to be out of session, without the aid of subject matter experts, that make daily online activity (potentially even making a link like this) a crime. Keep praying – our contry is in deep trouble while THESE people are at the helm.


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