Bring on the Rain Drizzle!

Normally, 7″ of rain in a couple of weeks would fill The Lake (the wide part of the Colorado River we call Lake Travis) up about 10′ higher but that hasn’t happened. 7″ of rain in a day on bone-dry ground would cause huge flash floods, but that also hasn’t happened. We have had something like 6-7″ of rain in the last couple of weeks and The Lake is up about a foot. And it has been drizzling pretty much all day most days it was raining. Very, very gentle rains.

There was so little rain this year, the ground is soaking all this drizzle up like a proverbial sponge.

This is great good news. We are getting exactly the sort of rains we needed to prepare the land for heavier rain. It means the mold spores go crazy making me allergic, but the land will be ready to absorb the heavier rains I hope we will be getting soon. I hope we get some heavy rains soon, because going into a dry year with all the major local reservoirs at 1/3 capacity is . . . not great.

So? So join me in thanking God for the annoying constant dripping and stifling high humidity we’ve been having – the alternatives, all of them, are worse.


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