Ugh . . . Hold Your Nose and Vote For Perry?

Borepatch is looking down the same gun barrel as the rest of us this election year. He has endorsed Rick Perry for POTUS 2012. It’s a tough call, and we’re not even through the primary election season! Can I vote for Duncan Hunter again? Oh well, we’ll see what November brings us. I’m afraid it just might bring us Presient Obama Round 2 because the Republican voters stay home in disgust and Obama takes a landslide.

Republican party, you suck. Get up and shake the tree once you pick your candidate, because he sucks already and we haven’t even picked him yet. If you don’t convince the easily-swayed he doesn’t suck more than Obama for four more years, we’re screwed. P.S. we’re starting off biased toward the screwed end of the spectrum.

Don’t MAKE me get up off’n my chair and run for President!


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