Free Vacation, Anytime, With 1 Catch

My Darling Wife went on a free vacation this weekend. She got to choose the time and it was even available on short notice. Spent approximately a whole day with NO children pounding on the door when she was trying to powder her nose, nobody pulling her arm as she tried to take a bite, no four screaming people in the same room with her ears.

The catch: it was at my parents’ house. She went and took a break from the children (including me) and hung out with the adults for New Years. She said it was a great thing. I think I’ll make coupons so she can just go if she needs to.

Bonus: we made arrangements for her to get a free cell phone, to replace the last free cell phone she’s had for a year. That one recently died as she was holding it in her hand going down the plastic slide at the park (a.k.a. the Static Generator 2000). Score, thanks Jesus!

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