Poor Little Thing!

I’m pretty sure #3 closed the back door on one of our chihuahua dogs. She cried then and she cries when she is picked up. The first time I went to pick her up after it happened she was so crazy with pain she was nipping at me as I picked her up the wrong way – she NEVER bites, ever. She cried a couple of times in her sleep when she rolled over last night.

We looked her over and poked and prodded and she doesn’t have any obviously broken bones. We’re thinking maybe her first ribs or something in the shoulders is either bruised or cracked. She is tender around the front quarters when she moves though, and doesn’t track straight when she walks – which is seldom as it hurts to do.

Tonight when we got in, I dragged her pillow out of their little room until I could lift the pillow with her on it, and carried her into the back yard and turned her out of the pillow. I told her “go potty!” a few times, gently, and she walked a yard, pissed, walked another yard and lay down on the ground. I picked her back up and placed her on the pillow, then it into their room.

We give her 1/2 a baby aspirin and it seems to help a lot but when it wears off she just lays around. No we probably won’t taker her to the vet, but that is our way. Recall that I didn’t take myself to the vet when I recently broke my finger (which still hurts a little) or my toe (which is all better thanks for asking). She’ll be alright, I’ve been sure. Still, for such a little doggy to be hurting is pitiful indeed to behold.

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