Madness at Work

VFD: Hey, when is the drawing for this thing?
Guido: Tonight.
VFD: Thanks, WHEN is the drawing.
NJ: Why, are you having second thoughts?
VFD: No, I just want to know what time I need to call everybody to make fun.


There were only a handful of intelligent souls where I work today (who didn’t buy lottery tickets). Last night I said I’d bet my life at a billion to one odds and today I’m proving I won’t bet a dollar at 170whatever million to one odds. Sure it’s a half billion dollars, but you’re as likely to win if you play as if you don’t, all the way out to a half dozen decimal places.

That said, if I can’t get in to work tomorrow because everybody with a key called in rich, I probably won’t be too happy about the $4 in gas I burned to get there and back home!

And no, to counter an often-repeated argument, nobody HAS TO win. This is what, 18 or 19 times they’ve drawn for this jackpot. The payout keeps going up with NOBODY winning.


At least 10% of the people employed at my company bought into the office pool for one reason: they would suffer severe psychological trauma if the pool hit the jackpot and they weren’t in on it. I wholeheartedly endorse this as a low dollar insurance plan for future mental stability. If you think you might be kicking yourself tomorrow, by all means go buy a ticket or ten. Just remember you wouldn’t have won anyway, so don’t feel too bad when you don’t win.

"It Just Went Off!"

Two lives lost. As the song says, “one’s in the morgue and the other’s in jail; one got wasted and the other’s a waste.”

Atlanta teenager in jail facing involuntary manslaughter charges. His three year-old niece was shot in the stomach* and later died of her injuries in hospital.

Guns don’t shoot themselves. Please take just a moment to review the 100% sure-fire way to prevent this happening in your own family.


* This is agony. An arm or a leg you can tourniquet and it goes numb. Shot in the guts is sheer pain until you die.

Captions For The Win

This is timely, in light of the current lawsuit. The people who grow corn would like you to believe their commercials telling you that High Fructose Corn Syrup is the perzact same thing as table sugar. Your body can’t tell the difference, they say. You know who can tell the difference? The researchers who did this study at Princeton University.

Well, it turns out HFCS makes lab rats fat. It also makes you fat, somehow even though the corn industry says it metabolizes the exact same as cane sugar. Riiiight. Anyhow, I showed this picture around the office, and I was NOT the only one who was thinking this. You are not supposed to laugh.

Google does horrible things to image quality to make the picture fit. Click the picture to see it full size.

Wait, So Al Sharpton Wants MORE Trayvon Murders?

  1. Trayvon was killed in self-defense
  2. The Mexican who killed him was an aggressor
  3. These allegations are mutually exclusive

If you get into an argument and are —>.<— this close to being stabbed, but the other guy goes away for whatever reason, you are no longer in danger and no longer acting in self defense if you go after him. This is an American legal doctrine: you are only acting in self-defense if there is a current threat.

So: we have a young black man being followed, then he confronts the guy following him. The guy could have acted in self defense but the black man backed off. Then the black man goes on his way and the guy with the white-sounding name went after him. You know what happens at this point? Trayvon acts in self-defense and beats the sh*t outta the guy, is what happens.

In England, if you are assaulted and end up kicking ass and taking names, YOU get in trouble. The person who was a victorious victim ends up in prison for assault! In America, if you kick the booty of an aggressor, you are your own hero and the Police give you a thumbs-up and tell you “self-defense, no charges filed.”

What are you driving at, VFD?

The race pimps are currently trying to use the blood of Trayvon to convince you that 24 States with “stand your ground” laws should revoke those laws. The effect of this, if they allege the truth, would be as follows:

The guy attacks Trayvon and Trayvon gets killed, because Trayvon knows he has no right to stand and fight.

Hold on there.

Is that really the law you want? REALLY? Sure, if the truth is that the guy had turned to leave and Trayvon attacked him, the guy was acting in self defense and oh it’s so horrible that he has the human legal right to defend himself instead of running away. Right, sure, fine, but what if your preferred story of Trayvon-the-victim is true? Then you want to repeal the right of young black men everywhere to defend themselves against the White Aggressor!

How perverse is this?

The Very Question!

“What is left? If the government can do this what else can it not do?” Justice A. Scalia March 27, 2012

I cannot say how glad I was to hear with my own ears that this question was asked by one of the 9 black robed figures. Still, I pray.


Say all you like that health care payment is a nationwide problem, but it is still not a national problem. The payment by an individual, for the services rendered by a private company, in one State, is an individual matter – or at the most, a State matter. There is no-where a place for the federal Government to stick its nose in this business.

Hold on there

If it’s a national problem, why then prior to Obamacare are we FORBIDDEN to commit ourselves to INTERSTATE COMMERCE and buy health care payment insurance across state lines?


I think one way to look at this set of cases is as follows: If Obamacare’s individual mandate part is tossed out by the supreme Court, it is a net neutral for the 2012 election. A dramatic example of how the President is a Communist who doesn’t know anything about America is offset by the national press corps telling you the REPUBLICANS STOLE YOUR HEALTH!!!!1! So, then, the election will be decided based on the price of a gallon of gasoline. Pre-election gas price drop in October in 3…2… Oh, did you not hear about the Saudis sending us a “wall of oil” because suddenly them making a profit is a problem? Let’s review again, on whose watch the price of gas recently doubled, and who has prevented us from getting away from imported oil recently? Hmm….

Pray for Our Nation

If the supreme Court of the United States rules that the individual mandate portion of Obamacare was an unconstitutional over-reach by Congress and overturns it in a very “prejudiced” manner so the Congress will know going forwards they can’t MAKE us buy stuff, it will have been worth all the stress and worry.

If they don’t, and they say Congress was within its authority, we’re done.

Arguments before the Court started this morning. Christians, please pray for our nation. This is a critical moment!

Boortz Raises Another Interesting Question

Regarding the Trayvon Martin shooting . . . considering the Florida ‘stand your ground’ law when it comes to the decedent:

  • He was minding his own business when he realized he was being followed.
  • He was (allegedly) attacked


  • He was justified in (allegedly) being on top of and pounding the snot outta George Zimmerman

The report of the Grand Jury should be interesting.