The Very Question!

“What is left? If the government can do this what else can it not do?” Justice A. Scalia March 27, 2012

I cannot say how glad I was to hear with my own ears that this question was asked by one of the 9 black robed figures. Still, I pray.


Say all you like that health care payment is a nationwide problem, but it is still not a national problem. The payment by an individual, for the services rendered by a private company, in one State, is an individual matter – or at the most, a State matter. There is no-where a place for the federal Government to stick its nose in this business.

Hold on there

If it’s a national problem, why then prior to Obamacare are we FORBIDDEN to commit ourselves to INTERSTATE COMMERCE and buy health care payment insurance across state lines?


I think one way to look at this set of cases is as follows: If Obamacare’s individual mandate part is tossed out by the supreme Court, it is a net neutral for the 2012 election. A dramatic example of how the President is a Communist who doesn’t know anything about America is offset by the national press corps telling you the REPUBLICANS STOLE YOUR HEALTH!!!!1! So, then, the election will be decided based on the price of a gallon of gasoline. Pre-election gas price drop in October in 3…2… Oh, did you not hear about the Saudis sending us a “wall of oil” because suddenly them making a profit is a problem? Let’s review again, on whose watch the price of gas recently doubled, and who has prevented us from getting away from imported oil recently? Hmm….


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