The Republicans’ War On Women for Dummies

That is, if you think there IS one, you ARE one.

Republicans, as a general rule, share this in common with Democrats, Greens, and Libertarians and everybody else in the country:

  • They don’t want women to have fewer rights or lower pay.
  • Ditto for queers, disgusting fatbodies, or gimps.
  • They don’t want dirty air and water
  • They don’t want starving children
  • They don’t want to steal your retirement
  • They don’t want to steal your healthcare
  • They don’t want old people to eat dog food and freeze to death
  • They are not racist
  • etc.

These things are straw men with nobody in the leftist/mainstream press bothering to knock them down. The Democrats like to allege these things against their enemies, but the claimants are usually either lying or too stupid to realize how false the allegations are. IF the leftists had any shame they wouldn’t resort to these not-even-an-argument arguments. They don’t and neither do the “news” organizations so you’ll see this claptrap over and over again on the Teewee.


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