Old Cars Let You Drive

New cars will prevent you driving.

Wait, what?

Your car has a brake and a throttle pedal. Pushing each of them does something different. Pushing both of them at the same time is advanced kung-fu and helps you win races on the track. The NHTSA also thinks that you suck at driving so much that you would never intentionally use the brake and throttle together, and they want to change your new cars. In the future, the idea is that using both controls together will prevent one of them from working.

Thinking like this leads to padded phone poles in London so you can TXT MSG on your phone without looking up and you don’t get hurt by walking headlong into a steel post. Seriously, they do this.

Call me an angry white-hispanic male if you want, but I repeat: throttle should be a cable or a linkage, and brakes should be straight hydraulics. These systems should not be related in any way.

Hat tip: Instapundit


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