And Now It’s Time For A Break Down

Today had kindof a lot of minor failures. The Hot Rod, she was not so happy.

I went to pull out of my neighborhood this morning in front of traffic. First, Second, and instead of third I grabbed fifth gear, with the regular amount of gas I would give third to keep taking off like a batouttahell. Engage the clutch . . . the car did NOT leap forward and the engine speed barely dropped at ALL. For a second or two until I got it out of fifth and into third. A few moments later, the smell of burning clutch came through the A/C vents. Well, it kept driving so . . .

Going down the highway, I had a bass-heavy piece of “music” on the ray-dee-oh. And by bass-heavy, I mean something broke on the rear decklid and it started buzzing like a legit rattle-trap.

After work, I unlocked my door like always. UNlike always, the follow-me door locks on the rest of the doors didn’t unlock. I figured I might have just left her unlocked all day. No big deal, sit down, press clutch, insert key, turn key . . . nothing. Not even so much as a click. Turn off running lights. Obtain jump from another guy in the parking lot.

Thank God the car runs, but I guess you have to treat em right.

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