God Forbid

I had some funky vision, couldn’t really see right in my right eye. I cleaned my glasses but it wasn’t that. I tried to keep working but it was getting worse, distracting me that I couldn’t see right in the center of my vision. It was like I had looked at a bright light, but I hadn’t. I was wondering WTH was going on, and I started seeing a quarter circle of light, which spread to the right, got bigger, and eventually was made of chevrons sparkling like rainbow tinsel. VERRRrrrr strange. I hit up my boy Mr. Google and he told me this is not me going insane (not necessarily anyway). By the time it was over, I was pretty sure it was a scintillating scotoma and hoping a headache would not follow. Thanks God no headache followed, but it did freak me out a bit and I didn’t feel like working after that. Oh, and that was first thing in the morning.

Oh well. I guess it’s better than knowing what it is from prior experience, and anticipating a headache afterward.


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