You People Suck At This.

Austin is a city with over three-quarters of a million people. They just had an election a couple days ago. It was a Saturday, even, so no excuses that they had to work instead of voting. There is nearly a 100% voter registration rate, so that leaves only one possible conclusion to be drawn.

45,000 people voted. Out of nearly 800,000**. That’s not even 6% of the people giving enough of a damn about their own local government to spend an hour and go vote, much less actually pay attention to the candidates and where they stand on The Issues. The mayor was re-elected with fewer than 21,000 votes.

Fail. Total fail. The population skyrockets over the decades, and the number of actual voters goes down. It’s almost enough for me to wish that California AND Austin would just break off and fall into the ocean*. Preferably on a day when they are having a marathon for RUNNERS on the public STREET.

Oh, but your vote doesn’t make a difference. Don’t bother. Besides, there’s a game to go to . . . .

I don’t want to hear shit from ANYBODY in Austin about their government. You people don’t care. Shut up.
*Yes, I know.

**Okay, so only half of you are registered to vote. Whoopy-doo, you got 9% instead of 6% turnout. You still suck.


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