For Sale: Canon FD 135mm f/2.5 Telephoto Camera Lens

If you got here from eBay, please be sure to go back and place your bid when you have finished checking out all the pictures!

This is a fast 135mm prime lens for vintage Canon SLR and modern DSLR (with adapters!) cameras. It WILL NOT mount on your new Canon digital camera.

Blogger does bad things with large images in this format. Click any image to see it WAY bigger.


This lens is in pretty good cosmetic condition, considering it was made in the mid-1970s. This lens has a built-in retractable shade, which is threaded to accept a hood. Note that clicking the following picture takes you to an image 1,200 pixels wide so it may actually be wider than your screen at full size.

The date code is Q=1976. In case you missed it, this is an FD mount lens. Anything but an old Canon FILM SLR will need an adapter to even mount on the camera. Note the near-total lack of mechanical wear on the mount.

The front glass looks perfect to me. Note that the hood retracts to sit flush with the filter thread ring. Very neat.

The text on the front says CANON LENS FD 135mm 1:2.5 S.C. CANON LENS MADE IN JAPAN.

Yes, you do see a couple of minor dust motes inside. These are guaranteed NOT to affect your pictures at all. They are near the front of the lens. If you are worried about this very minor amount of dust, you need to read this and set your mind at ease.

Now it is time to go to eBay and place your bid for this lens.


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