Now THAT’s A Squeaker

The results are in. For once, everybody in Travis County agrees with me. And by “everybody” I mean “a fraction of a percentage point over 50%” which is just enough to tip the scale. According to the Unofficial Results officially published in a .pdf at the County website, my picks all won in this runoff election:

  • Ted Cruz by 0.84%
  • Warren Chisum by 0.02%*
  • Barry Smitherman by a landslide
  • Justice Medina by a solid majority
  • Tom Maynard by a suspiciously-repetitive 0.84% but with 1/3 the number of ballots cast for the Senate race

Just under 9,000 of us bothered to vote in my County.


* 0.02% in this case was exactly TWO VOTES. That, for the record, was my Darling Wife and me. So do you still think your measly one vote does not count? It won’t make a difference if you show up at the polls or not?


And if that was an impressive argument in favor of you going to vote next time, let’s just not look at the statewide results, shall we?


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