USA Economy Unexpectedly To Improve Next Year

In case I have been insufficiently clear on the subject: When Romney begins to be perceived by the business community in America as the likely winner, the economic indicator polls will start to turn toward “right track” and “positive outlook.”  After Romney wins the White House, a stronger-than-1% recovery will begin.  On or before Inauguration Day, the economy will begin to come roaring back as business owners realize they no longer have a self-declared enemy* for a POTUS.  

Then within a couple of years the initial headrush of freedom will wear off and things slow down, hampered by regulations that were never taken back when Romney got into office  -IF- we allow it.  IF the Tea Party hammers on Mitten/Ryan, the whole thing could be turned around.  IF Obamacare and a few tens of thousands of pages of executive department regulations are reversed, the economy picks up.  If Obamacare is allowed to stay, the economy only gets slightly better.  Either way: with Romney, we will see growth.  With obama, we would see a continued “growth” rate of ~1% but everyone will somehow be worse off except government and union employees, and maybe a few well-connected-to-Democrats businesses.

Unexpectedly: What they say who were not paying attention before the fact

* the line is ambiguous, like the man himself.  If you want him to hate private enterprise, he does.  If you want him to feel like the token black guy feeling out of place in a corporate job vs. community organizing like he wanted to do, that’s how he felt.  Either way: Barack Obama described -in his own book about himself- working at a real job vs. rabble-rousing as being behind enemy lines.

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