Kids Co-Workers Say The Darnedest Things!

NP was amazed at and he was glancing through their list of offerings. He said “oh sure, lion is out of stock, but we can get you some shark fin soup.”

VFD: Oh, that’s easy, you just go to the Sea of Japan…
NP: (disapproving tone) yeah . . .
VFD: (enthusiastic tone) well that’s good though, because shark fin soup is sustainable! You cut off the fins and you can just throw ’em back in the water!
NP: (LOL) I don’t think it works like that.
VFD: (LOL) I’m pretty sure it does.

Note: cutting off the fins and tossing a shark back in the ocean is a jerk move. At least have the decency to shoot it in the head first! ********

A customer asked about a spectrum analyzer, which is an instrument that shows a display of amplitude vs. frequency (or wavelength, if you do the maths) of an electromagnetic signal. Wires have a physical property called “length.” Wires have neither frequency nor wavelength on their own.

FOG: Customer Question: Will this measure the wave length of a piece of coax?
VFD: A piece of coax has no wavelength. This customer is worth blocking


Note: the links are what I was thinking at the time. FOG is slightly too proffessional to have caught my meaning over the instant messenger program.

VFD: Who likes candle smells up there in the office wing?
FOG: All the ladies ?
FOG: Not sure if understand purpose of your question
VFD: NP has a candle warmer which releases the scent without all the pesky burn-the-building-down action
VFD: this room = too big for one candle warmer, does nothing
VFD: is willing to donate to the front office wing
FOG: Do you have to have wax or anything?
VFD: have to have candle. in glass container
FOG: It is plug in?
VFD: is
FOG: How hot gets?
VFD: hot enough to melt candle?
VFD: !!!
FOG: Depends on candle
FOG: Hot enough to HURT?
VFD: wow

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