Just Maybe, I Was Wrong?

I have called this election a landslide for Romney, with low turnout.  Apparently not everyone is as unhappy about Romney being the candidate as am I.  I may have been wrong.

I’m still calling a win for Romney, don’t get me wrong but I’ve been hearing these reports – and then today happened.  I kept hearing people all over the USA say it was crowded when they went to vote early.  Today I went to swing by the nearest early voting location after work (yes, I have a voter’s guide, no I haven’t posted it yet, yes I am waiting for Christmas).  There were cars literally around the block at the polling place.  The line to vote was back-and-forth across a 30 foot room several times and out the door.  This was the same as I saw on Election Day, 2010.  Mission downgraded to: get a sample ballot to make sure I knew all the votes I was going to cast.  Cruise into the parking lot.  20 seconds later, cruise out of parking lot.  Parking lot full.  

For EARLY voting. 

I now think this may election may have quite a high turnout rate.


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