Today on the way home from work, I heard a siren.  I looked around and couldn’t see the origin.  I heard a BIG horn honk with the siren and was expecting to see an ambulance or fire truck.  Couldn’t see it.  Louder and louder, still couldn’t see it.  The car behind me moved to the right and finally I barely-saw in my mirrors a policeman on a motorcycle, blindingly coming out of the setting sun (as we drove East).  I made a typical Austinite’s get-in-where-you-fit-in merge and the cop went up to the next car.  A couple cars more moved over, and then he got stuck.

This car had a police motorcycle on its 7:00 for maybe half a mile, with lights and sirens going.  There is NO way the driver didn’t see the flashing lights.  Finally a couple of neurons connected somewhere and the cop saw the driver looking at him.  The policeman waved VERY big “move over” waves with one arm and the driver thought about it for a moment, finally yielding HALF a lane.  Close enough for a motorcycle though, and the cop was off like a rocket to the next car, who let him go by and on it went.

I pulled up behind this car that had failed to yield for entirely too long and I kid you not – the plate said 9DRRK.  Drrk drrk drrk drrk (with hand banging chest)  To top it off, it was a handicapped plate, and the headliner was drooping in the back window.  For the win.  Turned out to be an old man driver.  Well, at least he did eventually move over, but he cost me a humm-dinger of a woman driver joke.


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