Well, What Did You THINK Would Happen?

Congratulations, Republicans.  You selected the worst of all possible choices to be your candidate, and he lost.  AGAIN.  Fuck you very much.

The country is currently on the fast track to “screwed.”  Let’s see what the New Boss does with all those environmental regulations he put off until after the election, eh?


2 thoughts on “Well, What Did You THINK Would Happen?

  1. Stocker … Mitts boat sunk, so why not climb on the Obama tug? The guy is not going to destroy the US as we see it know … you will survive. But instead of whining about how screwed we are, get involved and make sure its done right!!

  2. I reserve the right as a free man to whine about how screwed we are. The America we see, our great-granpappys wouldn't have recognized and we're still on a greased slide to h-e-double-toothpicks.I'll be here watching, waiting for the fizzle. The cultural rift is too great. A nation is defined by its borders, language, and culture. We have no language when the ballot is in 2 to 17 languages. The recent election shows we have at least two cultures. The only thing left to fall is the borders and that is coming.

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