Way to Foster Democracy, Guys.

Islamists want a caliphate under a supreme leader.
Leftists in the USA claim to want democracy.
So we helped in the out-kicking of a dictator in Egypt.  Are you with me so far?
Then the islamists elected their own to power in Egypt.
Then the elected islamist rulers excluded the infidels and rushed through a session creating their new constitution  . . . effectively making the new Egyptian President . . .

wait for it
the new dictator!  Congratulations, President Obama and Secretary Clinton!  Your Smart Diplomacy® skills have evicted a dictator who was friendly to the USA and promoted stability in North Africa, and installed a dictator who would probably like to nuke the USA and have the whole region consumed with islam-related warfare until peace breaks out.

Peace, of course, to an islamist means only one thing: everybody is either a muslim, paying tribute, or dead.

So, pat yourself on the back American taxpayer; you had a hand in the upcoming war also!  Okay, good night – sweet dreams!


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