HDR Photograps Suck

Sorry, they do.  I just scrolled through several pages of the website of a wedding photographer who does HDR apparently as a matter of course.  It looks like crap, all of it.  HDR is a gimmick that looks cool the first time you see it.  Life isn’t a cartoon, people, let’s not have it colored like one!

2 thoughts on “HDR Photograps Suck

  1. Poorly done HDR Photos suck. Single RAW files processed using HDR software, which is probably what your wedding photographer is doing, can suck. The problem isn't the HDR process. It is the misuse of the HDR process. It is the over saturation of color that makes the picture look like rainbows of Technicolored vomit combined with overuse of detail enhancement that removes all contrast between the darkest and lightest areas of the exposure.A properly done HDR photo, on the other hand, is not even obviously an HDR photo. It just looks right to the naked eye. The details in both the brightest and darkest areas of the scene are visible, but there is still plenty of contrast left.

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