Make Firefox STOP ZOOMING with Zcroll Wheel!

  • I use firefox all day every day.
  • I use my scroll ring to navigate webpages
  • Firefox likes to use some phantom input plus my scroll ring to zoom in/out of web pages.  All by itself, not touching the keyboard, even.
  • This makes me bozonkers
I had tried changing some other things in about:config, but this is what finally seems to have fixed it for me:
zoom.maxPercent set to 100 (vs. 300)
zoom.minPercent set to 100 (vs. 30)
This means, try as it might to zoom on a page, it can’t do it with the scroll control on your mouse.  It still zooms with ctrl-+ and ctrl– but then when you want to go back to 100% all you have to do is ctrl-scroll in EITHER direction!  This is a beautiful thing, my friends.

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