Well, This Explains A Lot

The lady in charge of punishing the very worst of the DWI offenders in Travis County has just been arrested for and pleads guilty to Driving While Intoxicated.  She says she made a mistake.  Some people say she’s committed attempted murder and hope she gets jail time.  She said she had a hard week at work.  An alcoholic who called the local talk show said “I’m an alcoholic, and” went on to say that ‘a rough day’ is a very common excuse alcoholics make to themselves.  I note that I have never drunk wine at a movie screening, and I have never driven around with an open bottle of vodka in the front seat of my car.  You know who drinks wine at the movies and then vodka in the car?  Alcoholics.  She said this is the first time she was ever arrested for anything, which is well and good…but I say the first time you get arrested for drunk driving is merely the first time you got caught drunk driving.

Travis has long had a reputation for being much less harsh on drunk drivers than next-door Williamson County.  This seems to be quite a peek behind the curtain, and now we may have found out why.  She seemed surprised during an interview that some people would think she should step down.  I can’t find a transcript of the interview just now, but I heard her say something about we don’t like it but sometimes attorneys get caught drunk driving, and it didn’t seem to bother her too much.  She said she was glad nobody got hurt, and she was sorry, but to me her voice sounded like a bunch of crocodile tears.

I hope that, if she (being a typical Democrat?) chooses to not resign after shaming herself and compromising her ability to serve in her office, the thing I heard just now on the radio news is true.  It may be the case there is a very old, little-used provision in State law where a single citizen can start the process of removing a District Attorney for being drunken.  In fact, I’d bet good money on that process at least being attempted if she doesn’t resign.  I might just do it my damself.


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