Why Can’t We Just Have A Murder?

There is a great deal of speculation out there about the motives and identity of the Boston bomber.

  • Some people want it to be a white American so their illegal alien amnesty agenda can still be forced down your throat
  • Some want it to be an illegal alien so we can ban them harder
  • Some want it to be a muslim so we can ban THEM harder
  • Some want it to be a tax protester seeing it was Tax Day
  • Some want it to be a rightwing nutjob so we can officially call them Terrorists
  • Some want it to be a leftwing nutjob so we can ask the President about his buddy Bill Ayers.
  • Some want it to be an Obama brownshirt so we can prove he’s trying to scare us into giving him full power
  • Some even want it to be a muslim outraged by the Family Guy cartoon to the extent they did what the cartoon says they do, so we can limit free ‘speech’ on cartoons!

Me?  I want it to be a mixed-breed suburbanite kid who was forced to take Ritalin and other brain-altering drugs the whole time his brain was being formed so the little wanker would sit down and shut up while the preferred sex was trying to learn.

But why does it have to be terrorism?  We can (well, should) all recall at least a couple of instances of mass murder that seemed to have no motive besides the sheer hell of it.

Currently, we don’t know who blew up the spectators at the Marathon, or why.  All we have is rampant speculation and people trying to make political gains from the blood of innocent Bostonians.  It COULD just be plain murder most foul!  I propose therefore that we all do what we can to avoid pointing the finger of blame just yet.

It may be prudent to step up security measures at public places, but you can’t stop this.  With the right explosive, a device the size of a pack of cards can do WAY more damage than these bombs did.  A small high explosive INSIDE the trash can, deposited by an anonymous one-of-millions passerby impossible to catch on tape, could take down the front of the building and leave the whole sidewalk a crater.  The photo I saw was of a building front largely intact and trees and trash can still standing. . .

I know in America we’re not used to this sort of thing, but really we should all be thanking Jesus it was not much, much worse.

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