The Devil Made Me Do IT

There was a time when merely saying “The Devil!” in polite company would cause the ladies to swoon.  That was a long, long time ago.
Today I took Bad Robot in to the shop because I suspected a bad CV driveshaft bearing.  It turned out to be a bad hub bearing, and oh by the way also the other hub bearing was bad.  This was not entirely unexpected, but what happened come time to pay the piper WAS.  I had brought $150 worth of parts for them to use.  They diagnosed, then they worked on it a couple of hours and tossed in another $150 worth of parts – so I was expecting to walk out a few hunner’t dollars lighter than when I walked in.

Mechanic: Will that be cash, check, or charge?
VFD: Charge it.  What’s the charge?
Mechanic: $1,232.
VFD: Hooooooly [deleted]!
Mechanic: $399
VFD: (whips out the plastic)

I haven’t had somebody yank a profanity out of me in a few years.  This well-humored troll of a mechanic caught me flat-footed and earned it.

Well sir, good played!


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