Yesterday was the best day we’ve had in a long time – and our lives are pretty swell, so that is saying quite a lot, thanks Jesus!

We went out to my Dad’s church in the morning, then to his house for lunch.  There was very much playing on the playscape, then a 5-years-accumulation brushpile (judged by counting christmas trees in the pile) was set to burn in the firepit.  After many hours, it was dark and the firepit was cool enough for s’mores, and then came the grande finale of the most-recent christmas tree being tossed on the embers.  It went up most satisfactorily, and no uncontrollable wildfires were started so that was good.  Then the adults talked until midnight-ish while monitoring the fire as it died down to ‘safe enough to leave’, the older children romped, and the younger children napped.  Then home.  The dogs hadn’t sh*t up the kitchen, despite being locked up all day, which was a nice bonus.

If you don’t have family you like to spend time with, and have never had a fire bigger than all of them put together (on purpose) then you are missing out.

 photo GatherdRound_zpsdaaa0954.jpg

Good times.

For Serious, Old Man?

I pulled up to a stop light in traffic the other day and left space in front enough that I could bail out of the lane if necessary.  I was in the #2 lane near the place where a third, right-turn-only lane broke out of the #2 lane.  A car passed me to go turn right and I didn’t even think about it.  Then

BEE-BEEP! from behind me on the right.  BEE-BEEP! I looked over my shoulder and the front end of a non-Police Ford Crown Victoria was poking up by my right rear quarter panel.  I waved them up.  BEE-BEEP! and the car slowly proceeded.  The driver’s window came up even with my windows and it was a wrinkly, gray-headed old man flipping me the bird.  His wrinkled-up special lady friend was in the passenger seat.   BEE-BEEP!  And off he went down the right-turn lane, having neither climbed the curb nor hit my car, and my car didn’t move an inch the entire time.

He was going koo-koo on the horn, flipping me off – and the whole time, he had plenty of room to get by.  And 10 seconds later the light changed and EVERYBODY could go unimpeded.  Way to be, gramps, good job being a stereotype.  Good luck not having a heart attack next time.

photo traffic_zps12cb4fdc.jpg

Stop and Smell The . . . Filler?

I surprised myself with the result of a technical challenge. Trying out a new piece of equipment, I took a picture with a normal lens and the result was as expected. These little white flowers are often put in as filler amongst the roses you intended to buy. They don’t look horrible anyway, and they don’t charge extra for them so no harm done, right?

 photo Filler1_zpsd6e2fd94.jpg

Then I tried a new macro adapter on them, with the same lens.  Click this one, it’s worth it.

 photo Filler2_zpsfbf60e39.jpg

I don’t know why they look like they’re made of sugar crystals or some other granular substance, but they do.  These things are like 3-6mm across in full bloom, but look at the detail.  You know who delights in doing stuff like this?  God does.  And statistically nobody notices, or cares.  Next time you see a nice floral arrangement and it has those silly little white flowers in the middle to take up space, remember they are a genuinely beautiful thing in their own right, and it was no accident of Evolution they are the way they are.

Tell Everyone You Know

The President said recently we should “reject those voices” that warn us that tyranny is just around the corner.*  Well then, I suppose logically it is in no way a sign of a tyrranical govenrment, when your organization is applying for legal status to the national taxing body and they ask you to

“Please detail the content of the members of your organization’s prayers.”

Because, of course, a person’s personal private prayers are a totally legitimate subject for consideration by taxing agents.



*I chalk this paragraph up to the typically clouded thinking of the leftist who wote the President’s speech.  He said people who warn you that government tyranny is a constantly looming hazard are really trying to say our whole governmental system is a failure.  No, Jerk, they are warning that persons like those you put in charge of the IRS who abuse their offices are potential tyrants.  As evinced by the recent exposure of several of your agents as (ta-daa!) TYRANTS

Call Your Bookmaker

Depending on several highly politically-incorrect factors you may not hear about a shooting this weekend.  A bunch of people at a Mothers Day parade were shot by 2 or 3 people who shot for a few seconds and ran away.

Where do bookies com in to this, you ask?  Because I’ve got it at 50/50 or better that the suspects, if any are ever caught, have some durka durka names.  The last two times I had the same feeling on hearing news of mass murder were when I heard about the Ft. Hood shooting and the Boston bombing.  So I guess that makes it 60/30 odds?  I dunno, I’m not always good with statistics.

But I also make it 30/60 that the press won’t tell you until new media leaks the names and talk radio tells the people who will remember.

This is Why You Listen to Talk Radio

…rather, this is why I listen to talk radio, and why you should also.  In the past week there have been some shockingly-big stories that you may have missed entirely if you only hear news during the breaks between songs or the evening TV news after you get home.

The President might not be the President right now if Mittens Romeney hadn’t gone soft on him about the attacks on our people in Benghazi.  For instance, if he had pressed, we might have heard before the election how the Secretary of State had some talking points written by the White House and went out and lied to the American media.  If you think the attack in Benghazi was because of a video, it’s because you were lied-to.  By the White house.

President Obama has joked about having the IRS audit his ideological opponents . . . and now it turns out the IRS really did give greater scrutiny to conservative groups.

One more reason to dislike any “comprehensive” immigration reform bill: this one includes a biometric database of YOU and all americans.  I ask you to consider: Is there a difference between submition of biometrics of yourself to allow you to do something, and asking permission of your government to do it?

How free a nation do you live in when the Department of Health and Human Services is leaning on you to “voluntarily contribute” to fund a health insurance program that will entirely wreck the best health care system in the world?

How much does the current national leadership like freedom at all, when they are telling colleges and universities they should adopt “speech codes” that prevent freedom of speech?

Possibly-legit: Defense Distributed pulled down the files from their website which allowed you to make your own gun in your living room by pressing a button on your computer.  Because distributing information is illegal international arms trading.

Did you know that, as more guns are sold in the USA, gun violence has been falling like a stone for the better part of two decades? And did you know the press is trying to convince you these stories are unrelated, and you don’t need guns to keep yourself safe?

Did you know we’ve stopped even trying to discourage Afghan farmers from growing poppies? Because heroin is not a domestic problem for us in the USA. or something.

I knew most of this before I paid a quick visit to Instapundit.  Did you?

If not, you really should start listening to those hatefilledracistsexistbigothomophobe rightwingextremist radio talk show hosts.  Or at least skim Instapundit when you get home instead of watching the nightly news!  If you can’t get them on the radio, you can certainly get them on your work computer (radio stations stream their broadcasts online) and Rush Limbaugh even has an app so you can listen to him on your smartphone.

Great Good News Today

Just as those who know what they are doing are talking about the coming (soon) decline of cheap and easy shale oil and natural gas in the USA, those who do NOT know what they are about (coughObamaAdministrationcough) are getting set to start EXPORTING this precious, one-time-use resource to other countries! WTH people! If I didn’t think the national government were incompetent, I would think they were just trying to get our energy prices higher out of spite.

Oh, and depending on what happens in the next down-leg of the ongoing (since 2007) Great Depression, we might be heading for an even bigger-er crash than what happened in 2008.

So good night, sleep tight.

Central Texas Local Elections, May 11, 2013

The retiring head of the Pflugerville, Texas ISD decided to offer benefits to queers in an attempt to find the best teachers because what you do with your genitals affects your teaching (?).  The current board voted to keep that policy.  That included Carol Fletcher and Mario Acosta.  Both seem to be otherwise good school board people to have around. . . but they stood up for what God Himself called an abomination.

Two other people are running in the upcoming board election.  They could be yella’ dogs and be against giving special benefits to homersexuals, and stand a decent chance of being elected in non-Austin Texas.

One commenter at the local newspaper website said, “Is this really about same sex benefits and insurance? We should not hold our children’s education hostage to a simple insurance decision.”  Yes, it is.  For some of us, it doesn’t matter how otherwise-awesome you are if you stand in bald opposition to the creator God.  One of the unspeakable reasons Mittens Rominey lost his election for President was that there are single-issue voters out there.  He was on the wrong side of all of us at one time or another, and that plus believing in a blasphemous religion (which was the big Single Issue for yours truly) kept millions of people home.

The choice in this election for PISD School Board is being framed in the press as:

1) Vote for new guys to be against same-sex insurance benefits, you hater
2) Vote the other guys back in if you don’t care about the insurance

Nevermind that neither newguy candidate has come right out on their o-fisshul website and said he’d try to get the policy reversed.  Both are making appropriate-sounding noises about how they just make the rules to follow the laws.  Sandlin’s website goes so far as to say he wouldn’t have supported [the new benefits], and Hanson’s only goes so far as to say he doesn’t want to exclude people.

As far as I can tell, you have two unknowns with business experience trying to replace people who have done a decent job except that they need to be punished for agreeing to do that which is immoral.  If this sounds like a decent basis for your vote, or if it doesn’t (either way) this should be a pretty easy ballot for everybody to cast.

Oh, and if you are wondering, my take on the Austin ISD almost-a-Billion-dollar bond proposals, that’s easy too: these people continue to pour money into education and expect it to get better results without saying a peep about the broken culture in America keeping the children from learning.  If you don’t mind paying ANOTHER “only” $100/year in taxes to Austin, go ahead and piss your money down the educrats’ rathole.  Otherwise, for those who are not simple-minded, vote AGAINST all the school bonds that come up until they are clearly presented and trimmed down to the bare necessities.  Unlike these.

But, of course, they will pass.  The way to get a bond issue passed in Austin is to get it on the ballot.  A few thousand people from Terrytown will show up and vote, and the rest of you will ho-hum it and then bitch and moan about the high taxes in Austin.

Dangit, Google, Stop That!

I’ve been up too late again, thanks to Google*

They took Trimble’s 3D drawing program, spiffed it up, and released it as Google SketchUp.  I have a need for a particular, pretty complicated, piece of furniture.  I am designing it using Google SketchUp.  It is going along fairly well, except that sometimes an unknown-to-me feature will throw a wrench in the works of my drawing.  Then I spend the last 3 hours getting every little detail just-so before I forget what minor detail I had neglected.

So now the drawing is about 1/2 done, and I am late for bed.  Again.

*well, it couldn’t be MY fault, could it?