This is Why You Listen to Talk Radio

…rather, this is why I listen to talk radio, and why you should also.  In the past week there have been some shockingly-big stories that you may have missed entirely if you only hear news during the breaks between songs or the evening TV news after you get home.

The President might not be the President right now if Mittens Romeney hadn’t gone soft on him about the attacks on our people in Benghazi.  For instance, if he had pressed, we might have heard before the election how the Secretary of State had some talking points written by the White House and went out and lied to the American media.  If you think the attack in Benghazi was because of a video, it’s because you were lied-to.  By the White house.

President Obama has joked about having the IRS audit his ideological opponents . . . and now it turns out the IRS really did give greater scrutiny to conservative groups.

One more reason to dislike any “comprehensive” immigration reform bill: this one includes a biometric database of YOU and all americans.  I ask you to consider: Is there a difference between submition of biometrics of yourself to allow you to do something, and asking permission of your government to do it?

How free a nation do you live in when the Department of Health and Human Services is leaning on you to “voluntarily contribute” to fund a health insurance program that will entirely wreck the best health care system in the world?

How much does the current national leadership like freedom at all, when they are telling colleges and universities they should adopt “speech codes” that prevent freedom of speech?

Possibly-legit: Defense Distributed pulled down the files from their website which allowed you to make your own gun in your living room by pressing a button on your computer.  Because distributing information is illegal international arms trading.

Did you know that, as more guns are sold in the USA, gun violence has been falling like a stone for the better part of two decades? And did you know the press is trying to convince you these stories are unrelated, and you don’t need guns to keep yourself safe?

Did you know we’ve stopped even trying to discourage Afghan farmers from growing poppies? Because heroin is not a domestic problem for us in the USA. or something.

I knew most of this before I paid a quick visit to Instapundit.  Did you?

If not, you really should start listening to those hatefilledracistsexistbigothomophobe rightwingextremist radio talk show hosts.  Or at least skim Instapundit when you get home instead of watching the nightly news!  If you can’t get them on the radio, you can certainly get them on your work computer (radio stations stream their broadcasts online) and Rush Limbaugh even has an app so you can listen to him on your smartphone.

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