Tell Everyone You Know

The President said recently we should “reject those voices” that warn us that tyranny is just around the corner.*  Well then, I suppose logically it is in no way a sign of a tyrranical govenrment, when your organization is applying for legal status to the national taxing body and they ask you to

“Please detail the content of the members of your organization’s prayers.”

Because, of course, a person’s personal private prayers are a totally legitimate subject for consideration by taxing agents.



*I chalk this paragraph up to the typically clouded thinking of the leftist who wote the President’s speech.  He said people who warn you that government tyranny is a constantly looming hazard are really trying to say our whole governmental system is a failure.  No, Jerk, they are warning that persons like those you put in charge of the IRS who abuse their offices are potential tyrants.  As evinced by the recent exposure of several of your agents as (ta-daa!) TYRANTS


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