Stop and Smell The . . . Filler?

I surprised myself with the result of a technical challenge. Trying out a new piece of equipment, I took a picture with a normal lens and the result was as expected. These little white flowers are often put in as filler amongst the roses you intended to buy. They don’t look horrible anyway, and they don’t charge extra for them so no harm done, right?

 photo Filler1_zpsd6e2fd94.jpg

Then I tried a new macro adapter on them, with the same lens.  Click this one, it’s worth it.

 photo Filler2_zpsfbf60e39.jpg

I don’t know why they look like they’re made of sugar crystals or some other granular substance, but they do.  These things are like 3-6mm across in full bloom, but look at the detail.  You know who delights in doing stuff like this?  God does.  And statistically nobody notices, or cares.  Next time you see a nice floral arrangement and it has those silly little white flowers in the middle to take up space, remember they are a genuinely beautiful thing in their own right, and it was no accident of Evolution they are the way they are.

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