Yesterday was the best day we’ve had in a long time – and our lives are pretty swell, so that is saying quite a lot, thanks Jesus!

We went out to my Dad’s church in the morning, then to his house for lunch.  There was very much playing on the playscape, then a 5-years-accumulation brushpile (judged by counting christmas trees in the pile) was set to burn in the firepit.  After many hours, it was dark and the firepit was cool enough for s’mores, and then came the grande finale of the most-recent christmas tree being tossed on the embers.  It went up most satisfactorily, and no uncontrollable wildfires were started so that was good.  Then the adults talked until midnight-ish while monitoring the fire as it died down to ‘safe enough to leave’, the older children romped, and the younger children napped.  Then home.  The dogs hadn’t sh*t up the kitchen, despite being locked up all day, which was a nice bonus.

If you don’t have family you like to spend time with, and have never had a fire bigger than all of them put together (on purpose) then you are missing out.

 photo GatherdRound_zpsdaaa0954.jpg

Good times.


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