Totally Worth It

Dead man, hero, and not a swimming safety expert

Do you know when it is appropriate to dive into unknown waters headlong?  Never.  A shattered ankle or torn ACL you can recover from relatively easily.  Relative to dying, that is.  But do you think Michael Patterson would trade lives with this little girl again?  I suspect not.

I hope he believed in Jesus as his personal savior because you don’t get credit for being a hero in Hell…but you do make me proud to be a man, because there was one willing to make the trade pro bono.  Good on you Patterson.  Rest in peace.

Regarding Homosexual Marriage

The country is buzzing with news of the queer-“marriage”-friendly decisions handed down yesterday by the supreme Court. I notice a general trend in the discussions that it now seems inevitable that we should be accepting of “gay marriage” within a few years, and that when the lawsuits settle it will be generally accepted and condoned by the States and the Union as a whole.

Hold on there.

Those of use with differing opinions seem to not be calling in to the shows, so I suppose this view is under-represented, but let’s remember: When people are given a chance to vote, they turn out in large numbers against “gay marriage” in their States, and then a judge will routinely overturn the judgement of the People. I know that we are a nation of laws and not of men, and that genuinely bad laws must be overturned or the nation is lost – But we are all studiously avoiding discussion of the elephant in the room.

Being “gay” is not good for you. It is, statistically, VERY unhealthy physically, as well as correlating strongly with bad mental health.* Moreover, the reason marriage is an institution with tax-favored status (to create children in stable, healthy homes) is not at all applicable to queers who want to be a family. Statistically** children who come from two-mommy and two-daddy homes are not right in the head, and likely to continue the cycle of dysfunction.

In case you missed it, I said: “gays with children” is BAD FOR SOCIETY. This is not an activity we should encourage in the exact same way we encourage (legitimate) Marriage. NAMBLA is bad for society. Christian churches are good for society. Littering is bad, and Adopt-a-Highway programs are good. Do you see the trend? Some things are good and some things are bad. “Gay marriage” is bad for society – and we ought to discourage it.

Hold on there.

Says who? Says me, and most of the country capable of logical thought. NOT says The Government. Therein lies the rub. Until you name an enemy, you will lose the war. In this case, it is a cultural, ideological war against pretty much every long-standing culture in the world. The adversary*** in this case is the radical queer-rights agenda pushers, and their 5th column in the USA press is pretty much in uniform and marching alongside! The problem for the current western cultural paradigm is that our governments are made of people who are afflicted with the mental disorder which allows them to want to run for office. A symptom of this disorder of power-seeking is that they also want the approbation of groups which will be vocal in their opinions, especially those which can get on TV. The radical queers are very, very vocal and also able to get in front of cameras in a way that the vast majority of the population of the country cannot and hardly wants to do. So: Politicians want the gays to like them. This (as well as pure ignorance) prevents politicians from coming out and declaring that “homosexuality” is both dangerous to health and dangerous to our society.

IF we could get a government put in place that represented the opinions of the People at large, we would not even be having this discussion. However, because most of the Good People of the nation just want to go about their lives and be left the hell alone, your average Good Man won’t be in the running, much less in office. So the government refuses to acknowledge the plain truth of the matter, and the question goes as follows:

Because being gay is okay, why are you discriminating against the gays?

And the obvious answer has to be:

We will not discriminate against the gays. Nostro Culpa. Please have some benefits at the expense of the taxpayer and be sure to remember me in particular at the polls!

And so you see the country going.  Remember not to look surprised.


*I am of the personal opinion that MOST of the queers are into licking and buggery because they lacked a solid father-child relationship as children. This is probably a study one would have difficulty funding, and the results would be pointedly ignored, due to the current narrative being “not that there’s anything wrong with that”

** as you will see if you read the whole paper later

***Please remember: the queer next door is not your enemy. They are sinners in need of the grace of our Lord Jesus just like you. Don’t hate them, hate what they do with their minds and bodies.


Note: As I have said previously, you can be homersexy and get married. A queer man can marry a straight OR queer woman, and a queer woman can marry a straight OR queer man. The word has a definition. It is man+woman=family.  Call it a Civil Union if you want, grant it benefits like marriage if you want, but you can’t change what the word means while we are still living who know what the term “marriage” means.

Oh Alright, Fine.

We had fire extinguisher training at work.  This was a 20-minute lecture and 10 minutes of demonstration.  The Man had a steel tub with diesel and gas in it, which he repeatedly lit with a flare-on-a-stick, and every employee was supposed to go PSSHHT with a fire extinguisher and put it out.  A specific couple of us were the last to go: me sitting off to one side in the shade and the other fellow standing beside me.  He commented under his breath to me that this was rather unnecessary as he used to be a fireman.  We were all set to not take our turns with the dry chemical fire extinguishers and go inside and get back to being productive.  Then Regulatory Compliance Girl said we had to tick a box on the form by our names so we would have been Oficially Trained.

Fine.  20 seconds later we had both done our duty and put out the fire-in-a-bucket with our extinguishers.

I didn’t complain at the time because we were pouring company time/money in a bucket out there and we all had work to do inside – complaints would just have wasted more time/money so I saved it.  The girl who lit the toaster oven in the break room on fire yesterday?  Yeah, it looked like she learned something and she would not have profited by my bad attitude.  Well, you came here voluntarily so here’s the conversation I didn’t have earlier

Fireman Bill: Here you go (holds out 5lbs. ABC bottle)
VFD: (not taking the extinguisher) Buddy, have you ever been in a closed space and the only thing between you and a potential fiery death was the fire hose in your hand and the three guys on your team behind you?
FB: Well I sure have
VFD: Me too.  I don’t think I really need this training.  RCG says we need to tick the box though so here we go (takes extinguisher)
FB: (lights fire)
VFD: PSHT! (extinguishes fire)


Be Sure To Speak Up If You Choose To Remain Silent

In a twisted bit of logic that may be impenetrable to those of you who didn’t read law when you were getting your education, the Supreme Court of the USA has issued a ruling:

If you want to invoke your right to remain silent, you have to say so.

The guy-who-turned-out-to-be-a-murderer in question was being questioned by police as a murder suspect.  They asked him about the murder weapon and he didn’t answer, so they moved on.  His SILENCE when he was under no obligation to speak, and had been speaking, was used against him in court.  He hadn’t been “properly” mirandized yet, had not been arrested, and did not claim to be silent to prevent incriminating himself.  That, plus he was answering the rest of the questions asked by investigators, leads to the following logic from SCOTUS: If you want your silence not to be held as evidence against you, you MUST SAY that you are exercising your right not to speak.

You have the right not to give potentially-incriminating testimony against yourself.  If, after this ruling, you ever find yourself speaking to the Police, be certain to tell them right at the beginning: “I understand that I have a right to remain silent.  If I refuse to answer your questions, it is an exercise of my right not to say things that may tend to incriminate me.”

From the linked article:

“It has long been settled that the privilege ‘generally is not self-executing’ and that a witness who desires its protection ‘must claim it,” according to the lead opinion written by Justice Samuel Alito and joined by Chief Justice John Roberts and Justice Anthony Kennedy.  “Although ‘no ritualistic formula is necessary in order to invoke the privilege’ … a witness does not do so by simply standing mute,” Alito added.

Thanks, Microsoft, You Nailed This One

Startup Repair launches automatically when Windows 7 crashes.  Sometimes you can bypass it, sometimes you can’t.  For those times when I could, usually I often found that the computer wouldn’t boot all the way into Windows.  With XP this was a suck-fest and could kill your whole day’s productivity.

Microsoft’s Startup Repair has saved my bacon on no fewer than FIVE borked Windows boxes, including the one I use to make megabucks for my day-job employer.

So, thanks Microsoft.  You got that one pretty well right.


Then again, when you can bypass Startup Repair, sometimes you might find that you didn’t need it in the first place and Windows was just fine.

Qui Bono?

Despite objections to the contrary from the representatives from other nations and NGOs, the USA has declared that our analogy-confused “thin red line in the sand” has certainly been crossed.  Some are still arguing for the defense, that it may have been the ‘rebels’ in Syria that used chemical weapons, but Judge Obama has decreed that the Syrian government forces used them.  This means we are o-fishully on the side of the rebels, and will be lending them military aid of some sort.

I heard right off the bat that we would not be sending surface-to-air missiles, because we fear they might end up in “the wrong hands” and civilian airliners might start falling out of the sky all over the world.  We might enforce our own No-Fly Zone, instead.

Hold on there.

If you don’t trust the rebels with a SAM, why the [deleted] will you trust them with an AK-47 and ammunition?  What, rifle bullets will only kill brown people in other places, but we ourselves sometimes fly the friendly skies?*

Hint: we have no idea what we are doing, quite literally.  The enemy of our enemy is not our friend.  It appears that the Obama has made up his mind that Bashar Al-Assad must be removed from power.  Do you remember the last two times President Obama removed thug heads-of-state from power?  Their countries disintegrated into bloody internecine civil war, and the strongest of the gangs of radical islamist fighters won.  So here’s a hint: if you support the rebels in Syria in ANY way and Al-Assad falls, Syria will in its turn degenerate into factional fighting between different flavors of mujihadeen and other unsavory types, and the strongest will rise to power.  That will be the one we give the most weapons.  That will also likely be the most fanatically dedicated to their cause which -by the way- is not exactly pro-American at heart.  That would be, translated to simpleton: we are arming our next enemy.

Why?  Who benefits from this?  The military-industrial complex of course, but who else?  To what end?  I don’t think this type of maneuvering is sophisticated enough to even hint that they are trying to prevent a greater Persia under Iranian influence.  That’s chess, that is – and these jokers running America can barely keep pace with checkers!

It could be that they are blindly idealistic.  The chemical weapons are bad and we will punish those who use them and consequenses be damned.  Given the previous short-sighted “smart diplomacy” that got Ambassador Stevens killed and the Copts in Egypt back under fire, I think this is the most likely reason.

The tinfoil had crowd will also notice: It could be that they are blindly idealistic.  The radical islamists will be in charge, and we will help them because the Obama likes them.  Note that I think this is the less likely motivation.

So the no-fly zone is going to cost you, the taxpayer, $50,000,000 per day.  It’s a good thing we are in such a prosperous economic state, as a nation, so we don’t have to borrow money from China (at interest) to fight a country that will possibly get us embroiled in a war with China.  Ugh.

*Yes, this is a very strong allegation.  No, I do not put it past most senior Democratic party leaders to think this way.

The Cool Thing About Being Awesome

“It ain’t braggin’ if it’s true.”

I just had occasion to go re-read an old post of mine on this blog.  I thought it was going to be dull.  It was about elections for crying out loud.  A funny thing happened to me though: I enjoyed it.

This is not the first time I go read some old writing of mine and find that I not only still agree with it, but I also rather enjoy it.  Turns out, I’m funny as [deleted].  Plus I writes good.

Contact Your Representative. Now, or Never and Shut Up.

Representative Bachmann inspired me.  She said (and I agreed with her as I heard her speak) that this is the most important bill of the year.  If you ever are going to take the time to contact your Elected Heroes make it now and about this, she said.  The Senate is currently engaging in a head-fake.  The fake-out is that it looks/sounds like they are going to fix our national-shame immigration laws, when truly the current effort is to make it 1,000% WORSE.

They are going to try –before you catch wind of it– to ram through a Comprehensive Immigration Reform bill and pass it off to the House.  The bill that can get through this Democrat-controlled Senate will be 100% guaranteed to allow amnesty for illegal aliens and fail to secure the border – that’s just how the Democrat machine rolls these days.  The bill is supposed to die in the House of Representatives so the Democrats can point the finger during next year’s election and you will hate the Republicans and vote Democrat.  A wonderful alternative outcome is that the House passes its bill with NO amnesty but WITH border enforcement, then the good bits are ripped away in committee and anybody who makes noises about voting against the poor remainder-bill will be branded a racist and threatened with electoral loss next year.

Hold on there.

Hispanics are not voting Republican.  They’re just not.  Having more hispanic voters (and trust me, if they are here and some kind of not-illegal, there will be a way found to turn them into voters) will just mean more Democrat votes.  But still, the Republicans in the Senate are tripping over their ties trying to get an immigration bill done that can get passed.  Specifically, they are trying to get it done and passed before the next Recess when they go home for a week and the Citizenry starts chewing them new ones about WTF RU THINKING working with this pro-amnesty BS?!

So.  Today is the day, and now is the time to contact them. and have their contact e-mail forms and phone numbers two clicks away.  Do it.  Melt their phone lines and threaten your Senators and Representative with the only thing they truly fear: that you will vote against them and they will lose if they go for this SHAM of a “reform” bill.

The following is what I sent my two Senators.  My Representative doesn’t have an email contact form and I’ll call and tell them the following, plus “get your rear in gear and get a form online too” while they’re on the line.


We don’t need comprehensive reform right NOW NOW NOW, there is NO EMERGENCY except that Republicans might win in 2014 and this comprehensive immigration bill will prevent that
Get the border secured. Identify the illegals. Put them in back of the line. In that order – in SEPARATE bills!
P.S. NO to a national identification document or national authorized-to-work document for legal citizens!
You are being manipulated. Comprehensive reform that you can get past the Democrat Senate and President will not redound to your political benefit!

We don’t need comprehensive reform right NOW NOW NOW, there is NO EMERGENCY except that Republicans might win in 2014 and this comprehensive immigration bill will prevent that
Get the border secured.  Identify the illegals.  Put them in back of the line.  In that order – in SEPARATE bills!
P.S. NO to a national identification document or national authorized-to-work document for legal citizens!
You are being manipulated.  Comprehensive reform that you can get past the Democrat Senate and President will not redound to your political benefit!

The Source of Corruption In American Government

the sources of which you are thinking all are symptoms.

  • Government school turning us into a nation of ignoramuses with no morals
  • Government employees engaging in ________(fill in the blank) scandalous behavior
  • Black culture broken
  • Dependency culture
  • 1/2 them kids is bastards anymore
  • The President is a Democrat*
  • etc.

All these are symptoms, and if you were in my church this Sunday you may have caught a passing reference to the root of the degredation of our nation:

the Lord said, Forasmuch as this people … have removed their heart far from me…: Therefore, behold, I will proceed to do a marvellous work among this people, even a marvellous work and a wonder: for the wisdom of their wise men shall perish, and the understanding of their prudent men shall be hid -Isaiah 29:13-14

So there you go.  If a nation starts off with God in the right place in their individual hearts and society as a whole, then abandon Him – this is what you can expect.  This is largely what we have done . . . so what do you expect?  It is only as good as it still is because God is slow to wrath.

Yes, there are people out there, Republicans mostly and some Independents and Libertarians, who have good ideas.  Ideas which, if implemented would turn the country around and set us back on the track to prosperity and full employment with transparency and goodness in our government from top to bottom.  The prudent men are there.  The solutions are there.  But they are, as the Bible told us they would be, hidden.  Not from those who are paying attention, but from the Low-Information crowd that elects people who set up governments like the one we have now.

It gets worse.  It does not get fixed.  The nation falls.  Currently, we are only waiting for the fizzle.

*it’s a reference to an old Simpsons cartoon – which is another symptom in itself!

Raise Your Hand If You’re Sore

Not sUre, like the deodorant song.  sOre like you just spent 8 hours building a playground.

A few laborers and a couple hundred office workers turned out yesterday to my kids’ school.  Last Tuesday the playground comprised a single tetherball court and a basketball hoop on dirt, and about an acre and a half field of grass oh hard ground.  Site prep began on Wednesday.  All the pieces were laid out during the week.  Yesterday we got together and built a for-real playground.  Bigass jungle gym, zip line, hangonandspinny thing, springloaded chairs, etc.  Plus a bunch of planters, an outdoor classroom with a big stage, a bunch of sturdy lumber chairs, and a few pergolas for shade.  Oh, plus about two full truck loads of mulch to put the playground a foot deep, and walls to contain the mulch.  And everything but the stage is cemented in the ground – and the stage was a 10-man lift and it was heavy for them.  The cement was bags & wheelbarrows, and a big long walkway was dug by hand.  The mulch was tarps and wheelbarrows and rakes.

So from my behonkis to my neck, my everything is sore.  I’m used to being on my feet so my legs are pretty okay.  Oh, and hey I got a new T-shirt so I guess it was all worth it.

Of course thanks to Jesus for the beautiful weather and the opportunity for the whole thing, but some other thanks are due.  the Dr. Pepper Snapple Group and Kaboom! have been doing Good Things together and they get first mention:

The Let’s Play initiative is a $15 million, three-year commitment to KaBOOM!, a national non-profit that’s saving play by ensuring there is a great place to play within walking distance of every child. Together, through Let’s Play, Dr Pepper Snapple Group and KaBOOM! will build or fix up 2,000 playgrounds by the end of 2013, benefiting an estimated five million children. 

For three years they’ve been giving kids places to go outside and play, so they’ll be healthy. Talk about a worthy cause. So out of the 2,000 playgrounds Dr. Pepper Snapple Group wanted to make, our school was the 2,300-somethingth. I’m guessing it wasn’t just about the number for them.

The condition on which they would GIVE the school probably a couple hundred thousand dollars worth of playground equipment and materials is that the school come up with 200 laborers for a day.  That was my Darling Wife and me, plus a couple hundred other people.  So, getting back to the title of the article, there are a couple hundred people with their hands in the air.

Not like they’ll see this, but thanks to everybody who participated, and especially the planners and team leaders, without whom it would have been total chaos.

No pictures yet, but trust me it’s pretty sweet.