Sadness I Will Remember Forever

I know a woman who had this set of statues.  A mother and baby giraffe, very sweet and touching.

 photo GiraffeSet1_zpscc7dfd16.jpg

It was always on display at her house.  She got mixed up with a violent man and eventually all her children, all his children, and all of the rest of both their families were alienated from them both.  Then he went up the river on a Felony case about which her family tried to warn her before married she married the man.

A little while back, somebody recycled this for a buck or two and it ended up where I could snag it.  To me, it is a stark metaphor of the woman’s life.  No child.  No family.  Alone, head hanging, looking for something.

 photo GiraffeSet2_zpsd8a480b8.jpg

That’s a pretty shitty bed you made for yourself, lady.


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