Oh Alright, Fine.

We had fire extinguisher training at work.  This was a 20-minute lecture and 10 minutes of demonstration.  The Man had a steel tub with diesel and gas in it, which he repeatedly lit with a flare-on-a-stick, and every employee was supposed to go PSSHHT with a fire extinguisher and put it out.  A specific couple of us were the last to go: me sitting off to one side in the shade and the other fellow standing beside me.  He commented under his breath to me that this was rather unnecessary as he used to be a fireman.  We were all set to not take our turns with the dry chemical fire extinguishers and go inside and get back to being productive.  Then Regulatory Compliance Girl said we had to tick a box on the form by our names so we would have been Oficially Trained.

Fine.  20 seconds later we had both done our duty and put out the fire-in-a-bucket with our extinguishers.

I didn’t complain at the time because we were pouring company time/money in a bucket out there and we all had work to do inside – complaints would just have wasted more time/money so I saved it.  The girl who lit the toaster oven in the break room on fire yesterday?  Yeah, it looked like she learned something and she would not have profited by my bad attitude.  Well, you came here voluntarily so here’s the conversation I didn’t have earlier

Fireman Bill: Here you go (holds out 5lbs. ABC bottle)
VFD: (not taking the extinguisher) Buddy, have you ever been in a closed space and the only thing between you and a potential fiery death was the fire hose in your hand and the three guys on your team behind you?
FB: Well I sure have
VFD: Me too.  I don’t think I really need this training.  RCG says we need to tick the box though so here we go (takes extinguisher)
FB: (lights fire)
VFD: PSHT! (extinguishes fire)


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