Regarding Homosexual Marriage

The country is buzzing with news of the queer-“marriage”-friendly decisions handed down yesterday by the supreme Court. I notice a general trend in the discussions that it now seems inevitable that we should be accepting of “gay marriage” within a few years, and that when the lawsuits settle it will be generally accepted and condoned by the States and the Union as a whole.

Hold on there.

Those of use with differing opinions seem to not be calling in to the shows, so I suppose this view is under-represented, but let’s remember: When people are given a chance to vote, they turn out in large numbers against “gay marriage” in their States, and then a judge will routinely overturn the judgement of the People. I know that we are a nation of laws and not of men, and that genuinely bad laws must be overturned or the nation is lost – But we are all studiously avoiding discussion of the elephant in the room.

Being “gay” is not good for you. It is, statistically, VERY unhealthy physically, as well as correlating strongly with bad mental health.* Moreover, the reason marriage is an institution with tax-favored status (to create children in stable, healthy homes) is not at all applicable to queers who want to be a family. Statistically** children who come from two-mommy and two-daddy homes are not right in the head, and likely to continue the cycle of dysfunction.

In case you missed it, I said: “gays with children” is BAD FOR SOCIETY. This is not an activity we should encourage in the exact same way we encourage (legitimate) Marriage. NAMBLA is bad for society. Christian churches are good for society. Littering is bad, and Adopt-a-Highway programs are good. Do you see the trend? Some things are good and some things are bad. “Gay marriage” is bad for society – and we ought to discourage it.

Hold on there.

Says who? Says me, and most of the country capable of logical thought. NOT says The Government. Therein lies the rub. Until you name an enemy, you will lose the war. In this case, it is a cultural, ideological war against pretty much every long-standing culture in the world. The adversary*** in this case is the radical queer-rights agenda pushers, and their 5th column in the USA press is pretty much in uniform and marching alongside! The problem for the current western cultural paradigm is that our governments are made of people who are afflicted with the mental disorder which allows them to want to run for office. A symptom of this disorder of power-seeking is that they also want the approbation of groups which will be vocal in their opinions, especially those which can get on TV. The radical queers are very, very vocal and also able to get in front of cameras in a way that the vast majority of the population of the country cannot and hardly wants to do. So: Politicians want the gays to like them. This (as well as pure ignorance) prevents politicians from coming out and declaring that “homosexuality” is both dangerous to health and dangerous to our society.

IF we could get a government put in place that represented the opinions of the People at large, we would not even be having this discussion. However, because most of the Good People of the nation just want to go about their lives and be left the hell alone, your average Good Man won’t be in the running, much less in office. So the government refuses to acknowledge the plain truth of the matter, and the question goes as follows:

Because being gay is okay, why are you discriminating against the gays?

And the obvious answer has to be:

We will not discriminate against the gays. Nostro Culpa. Please have some benefits at the expense of the taxpayer and be sure to remember me in particular at the polls!

And so you see the country going.  Remember not to look surprised.


*I am of the personal opinion that MOST of the queers are into licking and buggery because they lacked a solid father-child relationship as children. This is probably a study one would have difficulty funding, and the results would be pointedly ignored, due to the current narrative being “not that there’s anything wrong with that”

** as you will see if you read the whole paper later

***Please remember: the queer next door is not your enemy. They are sinners in need of the grace of our Lord Jesus just like you. Don’t hate them, hate what they do with their minds and bodies.


Note: As I have said previously, you can be homersexy and get married. A queer man can marry a straight OR queer woman, and a queer woman can marry a straight OR queer man. The word has a definition. It is man+woman=family.  Call it a Civil Union if you want, grant it benefits like marriage if you want, but you can’t change what the word means while we are still living who know what the term “marriage” means.


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