“Happy forth”

Well, I don’t know about forever . . .


The celebration is of Independence Day.  The date itself is almost arbitrary, really.  It is a coincidence that the Declaration was signed on the fourth of July.  It could have been the fifth or the third, and we would likely not have broken free of Mother England any sooner.  This past Thursday, everybody was saying “Happy Fourth” at each other – and for once it suited me just fine.

When your every action is spied-upon by your servants “for your safety” and there is no riot; When over half your money is taken from you before it hits your accounts and we re-elect them all who rubber stamp the tax law; When you catch flak for even contemplating going out with an UNloaded arm in public; When a teenager sits in jail for quoting a published song during a social media conversation; When your little girls’ privates are fondled by a bull dyke in the name of security; When you can’t shoot off even Black Cats or Lady’s Fingers for fear of being arrested;

I think it is safe to say that Independence Day is well and truly a sham.  It used to bother me that people say the name of the holiday on other days but not on Independence Day (merry Christmas, happy Thanksgiving, etc).  Anymore, it bothers me if on the Fourth of July someone does say “happy independence day” because it used to be a free country.  Now look at you.

The man said, “Fat, drunk, and stupid is no way to go through life, son.” but now it has become the New American Standard.  Way to go.


I think next year I’ll just tell people “happy forth” and mean it.  That is to say, ‘I hope you can go on from this moment, and manage to be happy as a slave to a system you don’t know exists, let alone understand’.  I shall henceforth intend “happy forth” to be a paraprhase, but in my heart I will be sad while I smile and say it, because it is a paraphrase of only part of a phrase.


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