Zimmerman Acquitted. Good.

I was praying for him, and I’m glad he’s off the hook.  For a while there I thought we were witnessing our first hugely-publicized soviet style Show Trial, where the outcome is known before the charges are ever presented.  Then I was worried about the all-female jury being susceptible to the emotional presentation from the persection.  But the women were able to see logic and reason at least as well as everybody in the Police department that refused to press charges in the first place.

Now there are cries from the racists that there must be a federal trial.  I’ll be happy to give those people some credence as soon as they tell me the names of the people murdered by “gun violence” in “gun free” Chicago, without having to look it up.  Joseph Stalin had a name for these:

Useful Idiots.

I will consider it a very promising sign indeed if Eric Holder’s Department of “Justice” declines to pursue federal charges.

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