It’s The _______, Stupid!

Between the time Trayvon Martin was killed and the time George Zimmerman was acquitted by a jury of both Murder and Manslaughter, about 11,000 people were shot dead in the United States of America.  This could be spun as a problem of guns being too readily available, or as a problem of “stand your ground” laws unreasonably expanding the concept of self-defense – and the Obama administration are trying those angles*.

Hold on there.

93% of those shootings were young black males shooting other young black males.

A caller to a local radio show recounted the experience of coming from UK to USA and not being able to hang out with black people.  He described the universal sense of entitlement among the black culture here and the culture of violence as a “social disease”.

But banning horrible cultural elements (or trying to reduce them) is decried as racist.  So: is it better to tread lightly on black cultural sensitivities in America, or is it better to try to reform black culture even though it is racist and hurts feelings?  If your own demographic were the source and cause of statistically almost ALL shooting deaths in your country, would you consider it a gun problem or a culture problem?

It’s the culture, stupid.

Gun control: it’s not about the gun.

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