How Do You Eat An Elephant?

I cleaned my garage today.  My Darling Wife took off to the San Antonio Zoo with her girlfriend and a haffadozen children, and they ran out of seats in the van.  As soon as I heard I was the odd-man-out, I thought “finally, I’ll have a legit DAY to work out in the garage with no ‘can you be done now?s”

So for about 10 hours with a couple of meal breaks, I cleaned up the garage.  Only one bag of trash and one bag of recycling were taken out, plus some cardboard – it’s not Junk, it’s Stuff!  How deep was this cleaning, you ask?  Whereas previously walking in the garage resembled modern dance between the piles and there were specific places to place a foot . . . I swept the entire garage floor.  And whereas my bench had become a place to store stuff between working on stuff, I cleaned the entire benchtop, most of it with isopropanol to clear out some stains.

  • Step 1: Find something out of place
  • Step 2: Put it where it goes
  • Step 3: Repeat steps 1 & 2 as necessary

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