Good For Them

The world, and especially the female half of that part blessed with running water, electricity, and telecommunications, is all abuzz about the birth of the new royal baby in UK.  The male half is roundly deriding the female half, and saying what’s the big deal/big whoop/don’t care.  Well I do care.

Hold on there.

A little.  I care a little.  I am very happy for the (royal) couple, on a human level.  I am especially happy for Prince Harry, in particular.  You see, in addition to being the latest in a long line of inbred royalty, the new baby is also part of a new family (which is a Positive Good al to itself).  We have a Father/Prince who is not only a genuine warrior but “gets it” when it comes to being a warrior (another Good Thing).  He is now the proud father of a first-child-son (two more Postive Goods) who it in line for his throne after him (yet another).  So good for Prince Harry x5.  Plus he continues to win at life because he has a hot wife, who can bear children, and who for the short term future is going to have a fantastic set of knockers.

So tell me where’s the criticism coming from?  Sure I’m not standing outside Buckingham Palace in the heat, but I’m also not joining the 100,000 people at a NASCAR race this weekend either.  Different strokes for different folks, just let them be happy already.


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