Signs You May Be A Squid

Squid (n): a young male homo sapiens riding a motorcycle much too powerful for his experience level (usually a sport bike) in an asinine manner which is only survived through huge amounts of sheer luck


As I was in stop-n-go traffic on surface streets the other day, a young male zipped by on the gravel/grass shoulder to the right of my car.  Whatever, it’s legal in Texas anyway.

Fast forward (well, slowly forward) to the gas station parking lot on the corner, and I see someone trying to offer assistance in the task of lifting a motorcycle.  Squid boy waves off the offer and stands for maybe half a minute collecting himself and regaining his calm, then he picked up his bike unaided, and then my light turned green.

Hint for new motorcyclists: when riding slick (i.e., standard street tread) tires, gravel yields exactly zero traction, and grass is very, very little better.


Here we see the tracks of the wild blue squid.  They appear quite fresh!

Ah, here is a fine specimen!  Note the tendency to stand around a bit, without the excited gesticulations of the experienced cruiser rider, and a near-total lack of displaced vegetation as found near the fallen dirt bike rider.

Sport Bike (n): a two-wheeled motorized conveyance so dangerous as to be ill-conceived as a mode of transport, popular only because of the extreme amounts of fun and sense of liberation achieved while riding thereon.  Strictly for use on paved surfaces.


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