Son-Rearing 101: Beat Them or They Will Beat You

That is: play-fight with them when they are young, so they are less-inclined to real-fight with you as alienated teenagers


Here we see a fine example of proper fathering of a young boy:

The technical term when two grown men do this is Rear Naked Choke.  Translated to 3 year-old, this is “Rassling” and it is Good Great Fun.  Boys are chock-a-block full of chemicals which make them want to smash and break things as well as people.  If these violent tendencies are not given safe outlet, a boy will develop all manner of neuroses later in life and be given large amounts of Ritalin so he will “[deleted] sit [deleted] STILL” in class at school.  Boys must also be taught that some methods of play are acceptable in some situations but not in others.  A grown-ass man wrestling with a five- and three-year old as shown here (the older child is off-screen bottom/left) in the middle of a Sears store is potentially a problem.  In the middle of a carpeted living room, it is a learning exercise.

The main problem is for the grown-ass man: you have to let boys wail on you with their little three-ounce punches and sling them around the room without hitting them back hard or throwing them into the entertainment center.  This is somewhat complicated as more boys are added to the fun.

Yes, fun you brainwashed twit!  Look at that boy’s face, he’s having the time of his life!

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