Illegal, No. Stupid, Yes. Never Do This:

A man is walking with a rifle, refuses to drop it when ordered to do so by police, and is shot Dead Right There.  His uncle claims the man ALWAYS listened to music in headphones, and would not have heard a cop tell him drop the rifle.

There are not too many guns on the street.  This is not a second amendment debate.  This was an AIR rifle.  Think “bb gun” and you’re on the right track now.  This looks like a fine illustration of a cop that is too ‘shooty’ and a citizen being a straight-up DUMB ASS.

Look, I’m all for policemen showing enough restraint to be sure they have someone’s attention before killing them, and yes there is too much of the “well I sure won’t be the one dying out there today” attitude in modern American police work.  But you know what?  Anyone who wears two headphones in public is an idiot.  Yes, I said it*.

If you are commanded to drop what looks like a weapon by Police, you will not hear it.  If you are being followed by a mugger you will not hear it.  If you are going to be run over by a car, truck, train, or airplane you will not hear it.  If you are being stalked by a pack of wild dogs or a mountain lion you will not hear it.  If a tree is falling on you in the woods, nobody still alive after will have heard it either.

Headphones: for privacy on the bus, and for politeness in the dorm room.  NOT for wearing out of the house where literally anything can happen that you might have heard coming if you hadn’t been jamming some tunes.


*but only because I’m racist.  The dead guy, you see, is black.  Criticizing ethnicity-neutral activities of non-white people is racist so ipso facto I clearly must be a racist.

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