On Being a Sophisticated Consumer of News

There are some people to whom you should just never listen.  Today, I found three more. I disdain to link to them, but I was sent a link that sent me down a rabbit hole for 10 minutes.  I’m sure if I did more than skim these stories I would have more concrete examples to share, but once a web site starts smelling like Truthers, I start skimming pretty fast.

The first story was about how the U.S. Federal Emergency Management Agency has asked Russia to pre-position15,000 troops in the Washington, D.C. region because Obama has lost confidence in the military of his country.  The related stories were about Switzerland or some place issuing a travel alert because we are on the brink of civil war, which is why we closed our overseas embassies (not the end of Ramadan), and about the assassination of a journalist who was working with E. Snowden revealing our secrets.  Oh and they were going to reveal the TRUTH about what REALLY  happened on 9/11/11

So I followed a link about the assassination and found out once again that people who are not skilled at examining photographs but are willing to think the worst, will turn a normal situation into a shit-storm and then rant about the shit-storm they see.  This journalist was supposedly assassinated by a US drone strike, as he was racing to the safety of an Israeli embassy.  Never mind why it was the embassy of the ever-hated JOOOOOOO nation.  The poor author couldn’t even discern the plain truth that the smashed-up car was easily visible as smashed-up from all angles, nor that there was an engine/transmission down the road, and it totally escaped them that trees can withstand a tremendous amount of force without taking much damage.  Oh plus it’s a sign of conspiracy that someone just HAPPENED to be there with a camera.

Then there was the story about how Gen. Powell swore he wouldn’t go down without a fight, and there was a shooting-down of two F-16s that were headed for the White House . . . which you may have heard in the somewhat less hyperbolic form of “they crashed into each other, oops” a little while ago.

Last but possibly least was the symbolic photos of the week page, where we learned that pictures of famous people with an eye closed or covered are (I kid you not) a dead-sure giveaway that they are down with the Illuminati.

Somewhere, there is a guy with long hair and a scraggly beard in a room wallpapered with news articles, and the whole thing looks like a spiderweb with the strings pinned to the articles  connecting the dots.  Don’t be that guy.


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