So Long, Stupid Bitch!

Those of you who know me personally (and you know who you are) will recall that I have never been a great big fan of my Darling Wife’s 2005 Buick Terraza CXL.  My admiration for it, and the attitude programmed into the computer, are reflected in my nickname for the car: Stupid Bitch (later changed to a more family-friendly Bad Robot).  Well I have to say, I like that car a whole lot better now than I did a few weeks ago.

You see, she drove it into a concrete wall.

Hold on there.

She had an unfortunate series of events involving a sandal, a floormat, an accelerator pedal, and a nearby building.  Initial damage estimates were around $2800 to replace and repaint-to-match all the damaged parts.  Do-able, and it gets the car back in a week.  Except that when they took the car apart for repairs, the frame rails were discovered to be bent.  To fix that, you’re taking the engine and transmission out and using hydraulic frame straightening equipment.  That put the preliminary estimate of repair costs almost $2000 above the value of the vehicle.  Allstate told us a number I could live with, and they are to cut us a check this week.  We’ll trade a five-figure repair bill for a check in the amount of the value of the Terraza.  To replace Bad Robot, this weekend we went out and got a 2005 Chevrolet Suburban LT.  It’s in better condition than the Terraza was when we bought it, and it’s had 3 more years of use.  The Suburban is Very Clean, and a small Toyota dealership in town was sick of looking at it for nearly two months.  We got it for a fair price, and now we have the same number of chairs, but these are higher-quality leather, plus a half-decent Bose system to replace the not-good sound system in the Buick.  We upgraded the family hauler in size, power, fit-and-finish and overall quality, cargo capacity, serviceability . . . and maybe took a little hit on fuel economy.  The Buick I didn’t trust, and I didn’t expect it to get the rest of the way to 100,000 miles without a major repair.  The Suburban is running like a top, and should reasonably be expected to last to double its current 160k miles on the spinsforever GM 5.3 liter engine.

When we left to go test drive the new truck, a friend was babysitting the Zoo for us.  I told #4 we would be getting a big truck.  When we arrived with the Suburban, he saw the size of it and declaimed about the big (stock size) tires, and declared it was a monster truck.

So, yes, we now are happy former owners of a good* Buick Terraza CXL, and I am happy to welcome Monster Truck to the family stable.

* read: dead

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