Nothing To See Here, Citizen!

Consider what sort of a country you live in:

A man invented a fabulous fun toy which when ingested could prove dangerous to children.  It was specifically marked as NOT for children.  Parents gave it to children, and the children were predictably harmed.  The product was banned, and the man tried to push back.  Now the government is trying to hold him personally liable for a $57 MILLION dollar fine.  Because shut up, that’s why.

A man figured out how to teach people to control their bodies.  This exposes polygraphy for the pseudoscience it truly is, and the government hates him for that.  So, for teaching people how to use their very bodies, the feds are trying to get him into PRISON.  Free speech?  Not for you, bucko!

Personal responsibility and scientific integrity seem to be somewhat less necessary to the powers that be, than they used to be.


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