Operational Security in Your Pocket

I helped a guy make a cool logo and put it on his EDC pocket knife with a laser engraver. He offered to help me get my logo on my knife, and I declined.

Here’s why:

If you have identifying information on your cool stuff, it can be returned to you, or identified as yours if you lose it.  That is good as far as it goes.  But then you have to consider: do you want it to be “yours” when it is found?  There are times and places where being identified with an object may be objectionable and/or lead to a felony charge.

Once upon a time, I had the misfortune to lose a knife.  It was a very good knife for me.  It fit my hand, and it was well-balanced.  It was also a type of knife that was illegal to carry, AND I was not supposed to have it on me where I was.  It disappeared.  One body check* it was there; the next body check it was gone.  Ghosted.  If that blade had my name on it, I would have been at LEAST in some deep doo-doo when somebody found it.  As it was, I didn’t mention it to anyone and I never heard anything about it.  Somebody came up with a nice knife that day, and I skated out of trouble anonymously, for the double-win.

On a related note, anonymous weapons are also good for when the shit has well-and-truly hit the fan, and you need to be weapon-less all of a sudden.  This works really well only where policemen won’t be doing fingerprint checks and thorough scene searches, and your mileage may vary.  I recall specifically thinking one time on the way into Babies-R-Us that the caps on a certain type of display stand in the stores are loose, and have room to drop a small pistol down inside the display, to be retrieved later.  This would be on camera, but should be easy enough to hide under the guise of putting a onesie on top of the display and “forgetting” you had put it up there while shopping.  Yes, people really do think about things like this, and you should too if you are living in Condition Yellow as you should be.


*body check: when a person has lots of things they need to have on them all the time, it is a very good idea to take inventory frequently.  When you grab your keys before leaving the house; when you get out of your car; when you get up from your desk; when you leave a work area.  Think to yourself: Wallet, keys, phone, knife and check each pocket.  It takes a second-and-a-half and keeps you from locking your keys in the car or reaching for your knife to cut something and finding it gone (or worse, getting a citation for driving without a license and proof of insurance, or heaven-forbid missing a facebook status update).  This can be modified to suit your circumstances.  For instance: Gun, tazer, mags, cuffs, ties, light, spray, keys, wallet, knife, phone might be a 3-second ritual for a Policeman which keeps him from a 3-day suspension (or much worse) when he gets off the can and leaves his gun on top of the toilet.  Amusing twist: the gun in one case was found by felon in the court for *ahem* official business.  He set up a guard over the bathroom and told another felon, also there on official business, who went and got someone not legally prohibited from touching the gun!

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