Insurance Companies Do Not Deny Health Care

Insurance companies deny authorization to pay for care.  If you had the money to pay for the care yourself, you could walk into a hospital and plunk cash on the barrelhead, and get your CT scan or chemotherapy or whatever.

Insurance companies don’t deny care.  They don’t stand at the door of the hospital and tell the guards to not let you in with your pile of cash.


Health care is expensive because it is almost free.  You pay $25 and the insurance pays $2400.  Do you care about that $2400?  No, it’s covered!  Then the insurance plan puts the $2400 in the premiums the charge everybody next year.  They also sometimes impose artificially low rates on doctors, who then pass the cost on to the people who can pay cash -but that’s not you, is it?  If you had to pay, you wouldn’t tolerate $2425 for a half-hour outpatient procedure.  But the hospital charges it because you will pay -through your insurance.

Before everyone had insurance* most people could go pay cash for their own care.  Then the federal government said too many people couldn’t afford to pay, and for some reason FREE health care at charity hospitals wasn’t low-cost enough.  So health care became a profitable business, and prices went up, because nobody cares how much it costs.  Oh, and don’t forget the lawyers.  If the malpractice insurance people have to pay an occasional million dollar claim, they charge that to the doctors who have malpractice insurance.  Then the doctor raises his price to cover the cost of his insurance.

*Now there are few-to-no charity hospitals.  If you need care and have no money or insurance you go to hospital and they treat you, and then charge the taxpayer.  You STILL can get free care!  But 40 million people don’t have insurance!  So let’s have obamacare destroy the private health care industry and . . . after Obamacare is fully implemented we STILL will have 40 million people without insurance.  Problem solved, way to go Congress!


This is a short, low-quality rant in response to someone who would not appreciate it.  The arguments are not fully developed, and that is fine because they would bounce off his head anyway.  Maybe I’ll come flesh out the logic at a later date, but just remember: you can get care, if you have money.  If you are depending on an insurance agency to provide the money, don’t be pissed at them when they live up to the terms of the contract you signed when you bought your health care payment insurance.


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