Christians Can Be Homosexuals

You can be a flaming queer AND every bit as much a Christian as my Preacher.

You can also steal pens from work and be a Christian.  You can lie and be a Christian.  You can cheat and be a Christian.  You can smoke cigarettes and be a Christian.  You can do all manner of things you KNOW are wrong because you find them proscribed in black-and-white in your Bible, and be a Christian.

Does God like it when you (smokers) intentionally inhale poison because it makes you feel less-bad?  Is He pleased when you tell your friend their horrible new outfit looks good because they like it?  Each of those things is another blow of a huge wooden mallet, swung by a Roman soldier, driving Nine Inch Nails into the wrists and feet of our Lord.  Every time you sneak a pill from your grandmother’s medicine bottle to get high, or sneak a dollar from your mom’s purse to get candy, that’s pressing the crown of thorns harder onto the sacred head.

YOU choose to sin.  I Choose to sin.  “There is none righteous” indeed.  Every man and woman who will ever live, at some point, will do something which violates his or her conscience.  If you know it is wrong, and you do it – that is called Sin.  A man who goes home and drinks himself to sleep every night, his sin is hidden.  A woman who goes out in public holding the hand of her “wife” at the Gay Pride parade, hers is sin that everyone can see.  A Cheater may never be caught, but everyone can see the belly of a Glutton.  Just because a sin is hidden, or because it is obvious, does not change the fact that is is against God you do it.  You are offensive to God, and only Jesus can save you from it – whatever “it” might be.

Yes, Christians can succumb to the temptation, and yield to their lusts for the bodies of people of their same sex.  That activity is called “abomination” and God hates abominable things – because they are abominable to, and against, Himself.  The homosexual  person is an object of the love of God.  The perverted sex act is an object of the hatred of God.  It grieves and pains God himself when you have sex outside of marriage – homo or hetero sex.  And if you are a Christian it will tear you up inside as well, knowing it hurts your Lord.  It should be a source of great comfort that God is “faithful and just to forgive…” after you confess your sin, and (regardless of what kind of unrighteousness you indulge in) he can cleanse you from it.  If you want him to.

Here’s a hint: the flaming queers at their shame parades – they don’t want to be cleansed of their unrighteousness.  More’s the pity.  Chances are, the people who engage in what they know to be sin, gladly and in public, are not Christians.  But you can’t know it for a fact until you’re both dead.  Hate the sin, love the sinner, and condemn what they do which hurts both their own bodies and our society.


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