Ermergerd! Shertdern!

The government has no budget.  They are officially closed.  National parks will be closing, maybe you can’t tour the Capitol.  Unless you are a government union worker on a bridge to nowhere, you are probably not even aware the .gov is “shut down.”

In a couple of months you will also not notice that they can’t borrow another trillion dollars to buy everybody a free pony.

Then, maybe, you will notice the world hasn’t ended and demand some Real Budget Cuts from your Elected Heroes.  To avoid this, prepare yourself for an onslaught of news of how bad the Government Shutdown!!!11 will be for your life.  What you probably will not hear is how you are saving tax dollars at the rate of about a trillion dollars a year.  Ignore the news, and notice how your life goes on largely unaffected.

Then demand budget cuts.

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