I make it a general policy to refrain from navel gazing in public, but I will make an exception this once for the few of you who actually care about me.

I just cut my left hand off by accident.  Well, maybe not the whole hand, but it definitely was an accident and my left hand is injured.  Take one tight zip-tie, add fatigue and laziness with a sprinkling of freshly-sharpened pocket knife goodness.  Mix with the proper cutting pliers being halfway across the house and shake gently.  The lesson is: always take a few steps to get the right tool for the job.

So of course the knife cut the cable tie strap.  It did it rather suddenly for my tired mind to process, however, and my fast-as-light reflexes only caught up in time to prevent me from making a huge fuss and worrying the children unneccessarily.

I would have cut my left index finger off but fortunately my bone got in the way.  The proximal phalanx was sliced pretty well through at about a 45-degree angle, and it would surprise me if I don’t have a fresh nick on the proximal phalange.  It went down something like this:

Knife: Just one last cut and we’re done? Sure, just say when!
VFD: (after sharp intake of breath, grabs finger tight with the other hand, jumps up and down a few times)
Knife: I’ll just hang out on this countertop, then, ok? See you soon?
All the children: (engrossed in the computer screen)
VFD: (walks toward Master Suite where the preferred sink is located)
DW: What happened?
VFD: (to Darling Wife, calmly): Bring the first aid kit, please

I made a brief attempt to rinse the wound out with hydrogen peroxide but it was rinsing itself with blood pretty well, so I decided it would be a good time to stop looking at my subcutaneous fat cells and start reapplying direct pressure.  DW came in with the kit and I thanked her and said “Go away.” which she did.  I threw some gauze around the finger and laid down on the bathroom floor.  I slowed my breathing (I had been hyperventilating a little) and tried to chill the [deleted] out instead of going into a worse state of shock.  A few minutes later I decided to get a second opinion instead of getting the superglue out, and DW ferried me to the emergency room.

The doctor said it was bleeding too much for glue, so 8 stitches later I was pretty well done bleeding for the time being.  My finger has sensation all the way to the tip and good perfusion, as well as apparent full range of motion albeit with an uncomfortable ‘click’ feeling when bending through nearly-straight.  Aside from being slit open it seems to be as alright as could be expected.  I am a little concerned about the A2 pulley but the doctor didn’t seem to be.  I’ll have to let it settle down a day or two before I can do any but the most basic gross functional testing.


I also try to refrain from whinging on this blog, but . . . my finger hurts 😦


Amusing side note: Once upon a time I sliced my finger -the same finger- with a different pocket knife and gave myself exactly the same injury Farmgirl did, except that I band-aided it and didn’t tell my parents until years later.  Now I’ll have a checkmark under the finger, instead of just a slash-across scar.


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